Beginning September 1, 2015 – Regarding Receiving CASH Payments:

  • New state laws go into effect for those who want to be paid in cash. To receive cash payments, you must fill out a form and have an I.D. made by a scrap company. The first payment you receive must be by check mailed to your address with the cash I.D. card. For future sales, to receive cash, you must bring the card when selling metals.

Law requires:

  • A valid STATE issued ID or military ID
  • Authorization by the railroad on letterhead to sell railroad material
  • Tech AC/HVAC license issued by the state to sell A/C units/parts, with the exception of window units
  • No burned wire (EPA violation if we buy) without a letter from the fire dept to prove the wire was burned in a fire
  • Customers selling nonferrous material must have vehicle to allow them to sell merchandise
  • Letter of authorization from your company if selling for a company, if you are selling communication wire